A.S.D. Lago delle Rose

Fishing sports association in Veneto, sport fisching in Italy

The recreational fishing association A.S.D. Lago delle Rose has gained the certification for sports activities by the italian authority for sports promotion C.S.A. in Veneto, which is recognised by Coni, and which has as its goal the development and spread of the amateur sport activity linked to the recreational fishing discipline, by means of every form of competitive, amateur, recreational, or every other kind of sports activity, and not, suitable to promote and encourage the knowledge and practice of this very discipline, as well as to promote activities in recreational fishing lakes in Veneto.

The sports association of fishing has the following tasks:

  • To develop and spread every kind of sports activity related to the recreational fishing, meant as a discipline suitable to the psycho-phisical and moral education of the associates, managing each type of activity suitable to promote the knowledge and practice of the recreational fishing discipline.
  • To make the benefits of the recreational fishing known, taking part with its own associated to competitions, organizing courses about the fishing techniques, and overseing the technical preparation and physical condition manteinance of the associated. To help the associated about the choosing and buying of clothing, sports tools, and whatever needed to promote initiatives supporting sports promotion and spread of the principles and values of associationism.
  • To organise services, sports activities, events, competitions, and meetings in order to satisfy sports and recreational requirements of the associated, activities occurring generally in recreational fishing lakes in Veneto.
  • To manage an internal shop, to be exclusively used by the associated customers, for the giving of food and beverage, which becomes a meeting point and the place where various sports and recreational initiatives and events are organised, like, for instance, events in recreational fishing lakes in Veneto.
  • To promote sports and educational activities for disabled and/or sick people, or in inconvenient conditions, with animals aid also.
  • To support the growing, spread and promotion of other sport disciplines, included possible educational activities about recreational fishing lakes in Veneto.
  • To organize in our own territory equipped areas, playgrounds, campings, educational farms, and cycling zones with itineraries, and possible hire.