A.S.D. Lago delle Rose

Regulation carpfishing and sturgeon fishing

For carp and sturgeon fishing at Lago delle Rose, it is COMPULSORY to follow these regulations:

(carpfishing lakes regulations Padua Veneto in Italy)

  1. One may fish with maximum 3 fishing rods without barb (the addiction fee is €5 for each rod).
  2. It is mandatory the use of hooks of dimension from n.2 to n.4. Each hoom must have a flattened barb.
  3. Permitted lures: pellet, boiles, corn, tiger, fake lures.
  4. Permitted bait is: 3kg of boiles, 1kg of pellet, 1kg of well done tiger, 3kg of well done corn, 3kg of corn flake for fishing. The maximum allowed is 4kg of bait for each fisherman.
  5. Oils are forbidden, instead the lead method is permitted.
  6. Anchor use is forbidden.
  7. Boat use is forbidden.
  8. Braided in reel use and shock leader are forbidden.
  9. A floating retention sack is allowed, whereas carpsac is not permitted.
  10. Sbomb use is allowed.
  11. One needs to be ready with tools for the carpfishing technique, like, for instance: fishing rods, reels, advisers, carpfishing nets, and bag by unhooking well padded.
  12. It is compulsory to use fishing frames with lead to lose.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to pull violently, since the fishing frames are self-gripping.
  14. To leave the marker in the water is forbidden, as well as the zig fishing technique.
  15. The fish must not be held in nets.
  16. All the fished fishes (carps, amur, sturgeon) have always to be put on a wet mat. One must not eather lay or drag the fishes on the ground. One, in addition, must release the fishes as fast as possible, especially during summer period. Befor releasing the fish, one must be sure it has been well oxygeneted.
  17. Cars entrance is permitted only to whom practicing carpfishing, the bar has to remain closed.
  18. To move the car once the position is reached is forbidden.
  19. It is strictly forbidden to cut trees, branches, and to start fires.
  20. One must respect its fishing area.
  21. Possible friends or visitors have to announce themselves to the fishing management and to leave their cars at the entrance. It is forbidden to disturb other fishermen’s activity, management, in order to have this observed, may not let non-fishermen to get in.
  22. The daily access to the lake of any fisherman’s companions is free, the overnight stay of one of the fisherman’s companions is free, the overnight stay of other fisherman’s companions has a cost of € 5 per person.
  23. The Society, its representatives, and co-workers are exonerated from every responsability about damages or accidents, which, for the fishing activity, may occur either to people or tools and objects of other fishermen, or other people in geneal.
  24. At the entrance and/or reservation, the regulation is considered as accepted as a whole.
  25. It is forbidden to leave garbage by the lake.
  26. Whoever not following the regulations is to be pushed away, even if possessing a ticket.
  27. Fine for every deceased fish: €200.

The main rule is always to be RESPECTFUL with the fish, the nature, and other people taking part into the activity, in order to make it possible to live in relaxed, welcoming and happy enviroment.

Thank you,

the Management

Lago delle Rose offers a bar and restaurant service.

Lago delle Rose provides toilettes and showers with free hot water 24/24.

C.S.A.In. Card Mandatory for every activity: € 5,00 (one year validity)