A.S.D. Lago delle Rose

Fishing school for kids and young men

Fishing school for kids and carpfishing courses for young men

The amateur sports association Lago delle Rose, with the support of the municipality of Monselice, the hunting and fishing department, and the municipality of Arquà Petrarca, promotes the fishing school for kids and the carpfishing courses for young men, starting from Spring 2018.

Fishing school for kids


The fishing school is addressed to children and young men from 5 years old on and its goal is to teach the basic principles of the recreational fishing, with due respect to animals and the environment.

The course is divided in 3 theoretical and practical lessons, with a length of 1 and a half hour each, which take place during three Saturday afternoons.

Each course is going to start if it’s reached the minimum number of participants.

The whole course has a cost of € 40 and it’s also possible to ask for private lessons in order to deepen the topic, with an additional fee of € 20.

Carpfishing school for young men

The carpfishing school is addressed to young men from 12 years old on and it is structured in two lessons: the first, which is theoretical, is going to explain the basics of carpfishing and its fishing techniques, whereas the second consists in a whole practice Sunday, from 9am to 7pm.

In order to take part to the fishing course, the boys need to have the right equipment for the carpfishing: acoustic advisor, stakes with rod holders, net, weighing sack, which are to be possibly rented by the lake

The course costs € 50 and it’s possible to participate with a friend.

Why take a fishing course

During the lessons, proficient teachers are going to make the recreational fishing world known to the participants, getting in touch with various topics, like the knowledge of fishes and their habitat, the ways of catch them with techniques, tools and specific lures, being always respectful with the environment, the fishes, and the regulations.

The fishing school is a unique opportunity to:

  • practice a modern sport with an elder tradition, in the new carp area “Carpodromo” at Lago delle Rose.
  • Get to know the fish fauna and learn different fishing techniques.
  • Have fun outdoor.

How to take part in the fishing courses

 To be part of the fishing and carpfishing school it is mandatory to reserve in this way:

via phone call:
+39 0429 783066
+39 340 6334225

Lago delle Rose offers bar and restaurant service, and it’s equipped with toilettes and showers with free hot water 24/24.


C.S.A.In. card (€5,00) mandatory either for fishermen or for bar and restaurant visitors. Card validity is one year.