A.S.D. Lago delle Rose

Fishing posts


General informations about the fishing posts with camper area:

  • Lago delle Rose has 10 double posts with camper area;
  • each of them has a wide zone to park in with a car or camper;
  • the entrance is permitted with car or camper only to the carpfishing performers, it is forbidden to move the vehicle once the post is reached;
  • in each post is possible to camp up to two tents for the night, tables or various tools, there is no additional fee, it is all included in the fishing fee;
  • the perimeter of Lago delle Rose is nearly 1 km long, the lake surface is 33000 mq, the average depth is about 5/6 meters;
  • there is a consideralble and always rising number of carps between 20 and 28 kg, of sturgeons between 12 and 52 kg, and amur between 16 and 30 kg;
  • along the circumference of the lake are situated many pic-nic areas, one beach with cots to sunbathe, one play zone for kids;
  • the bar is closed every monday and tuesday (the whole day), except during feasts (like the week of August 15th);
  • fishing is available to practice for 24 hours continuously, the access to the lake is permitted during the bar opening times, at the bar closing the gates are closed as well for security reasons;
  • boats are not allowed, they would disturb other fishermen;
  • toilettes and showers are always open (24 h);
  • it is possible to reserve the entire lake for one sole group, which may have group discount to be previously arranged;
  • troutfishing is not practised anymore in our lake (since October 2017).


Details about fishing posts at Lago delle Rose:

The posts 1-2-3-4-5 are situated on flat ground, with lots of high plants giving shadow.

Post 6 is the most sunny one: plants there have been recently planted, so they give not much shadow.

Posts 7-8-9-10 are in a higher position, so cars or campers are to be parked higher then the lake level, the lake indeed is reached via stairs, vegetation is elder, therefore it gives a lot of shadow.


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